Two friends, 6am, a freezing
ice-rink and imaginations that wont quit.


Nikki Bilski and Lindsay Johnson, both mothers of three, first thought of the TriMi Tank concept
at our sons 6am hockey practice. A mere thought eventually developed into something much more.
After extensive
trial and error, research, late nights and lots of laughs we are overjoyed to
present our creation to you!

Enjoy your TriMi and express yourself.

Nik_and_LinA special thank you to our husbands for
their support and our family members and friends
who have believed in us from the beginning.

Also a special thanks to our models Katie Kimmell,
Michelle Jones, Adi Bilski, Derian Johnson and all of
the girls on our features page.




© TriMi Tank, llc.  2011.  All rights reserved. PATENT PENDING.

   Lindsay and Nikki